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Posted In: Media by Connor,
May 28, 2024


Michael Zervos, Account Director

Sometimes a brand wants to make the jump to the next level of TV delivery. Linear ad campaigns are brilliant and still one of the strongest drivers of fame and revenue for any business, but if you’re already doing that, what else is there?

This is the pickle Astonish found themselves in earlier this year. Boutique launched Astonish on TV in Q1 of 2024, with a brilliant ITV campaign that drove 30% more instore sales, but what was the next step? A sponsorship was the next step!

Sponsorship opportunities have a lot of USPs that Linear campaigns can’t provide, biggest of which is association with programme itself. Long running TV shows garner a level of trust and popularity that a lot of brands could only ever dream of – and by sponsoring them brands are hoping to steal some of this fame by association, the technical term for this “brand rub”. Sponsorships also offer a consistent audience base that will be tuning in every week (sometimes more than once) and if you pick the right show, that means your audience will be engaging with your brand every week, guaranteed!

Finding a show that feels like the right fit for your brand and your audience is often the hardest part, but with the wealth of content available now there’s almost always something that fits nicely.

Astonish already worked with a team of brilliant influencers or in this case ‘cleanfluencers’, that delivered brilliant cleaning tips and hacks through social media channels and so from there the connection felt obvious. Young, house proud, with astonishingly immaculate houses (and teeth)…TOWIE was the obvious choice! Now Astonish could guarantee weekly eyeballs from an untapped younger audience.

With the help of their brilliant creative agency Principles, the team pulled together a series of cheeky idents to sit around the show which each showcased different products from the Astonish range and the hottest new partnership in TV was born.

But could we do more? Why stop at showcasing Astonish products around the TOWIE series, when we get them INTO the series! A product placement deal meant we could get the Astonish range into the hands of the stars themselves and subtly showcase products within the show’s stories, creating even more brand affinity between Astonish and TOWIE’s audience.

We even got to go behind the scenes on set and meet the cast, look out for our very own Alex Price making her TOWIE debut in series 34.

With series 33 almost in the bag, we have series 34 to come, starting in Autumn. More TOWIE, more idents, millions more impacts, more reem product placements and hopefully even more success!

Want to talk to use about sponsorship opportunities for your brand? Drop us a note at hello@weareboutique.co.uk



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