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Is it time to couple up with Love Island?

Posted In: Media by Alicia Lai,
June 27, 2024


Alicia Lai, Account Manager

Love Island is back on screens for their 11th season meaning it’s the perfect time to couple up with the show to maximise brand visibility.

eBay returns as the headline sponsor for Love Island in 2024 which is their 5th partnership with the show, following massive success for the brand. ThinkBox reported that eBay saw over 1,700 pieces of positive press coverage from their first partnership as well as over 14 billion impressions. Searches were up 7,000% across eBay’s site for “pre-loved” clothing.

Its previous season Love Island All Stars had 23 million, 1634 adult impacts and reached over 6 million adults across the UK. 14% of the programme’s viewership are also considered light TV viewers meaning it’s a great way to access that hard to reach audience. There’s no denying that Love Island is still reaching huge amounts of people, which means that your brands can access that audience too!

But wait, you cry! We don’t have a spare £5 million in the marketing budget to sponsor Love Island. Thankfully, any marketing budget can fit into Love Island with various partnerships along the way. It may be too late now to hop on now but love is always around the corner and Love Island 2025 may be your type on paper.

Examples of partnerships include product placement, this allows for the islanders to use your brand organically. Podcast sponsorships are another way to go – these are released 5 days a week to discuss the last night’s show. One other exciting way to partner with Love Island is using their Beach Hut. Brands can film with the islanders in the iconic Beach Hut to capture content, previous examples include Ekin-Su and Davide doing each other’s make up with branded products – this will be played out on social.

If partnerships are still a little too dear, there are plenty of opportunities to advertise in the breaks of Love Island. This summer, ITV offered a Total TV package to advertisers with very low CPMs to get their brand alongside Love Island with the lowest CPM being £10! This is across both live and on demand viewing. Not only can you star in these breaks, you can also add on YouTube inventory around the show’s content.

These were very successful in 2023, delivering on average 23.4% greater 1+reach than if advertisers had invested the same budget in non convergent deals. If a brand had invested £200k into this deal, they saved over £126k!

With Love Island still appealing to that hard to reach 16-35, this is the perfect time to couple up with the iconic show. You don’t need the marketing budget of eBay; with the right planning and strategy (you can pull us for a chat by the firepit!), you can be right there in the villa with all the islanders.

If we have got your heart racing thinking about what could be drop us a note and let make the magic happen hello@weareboutique.co.uk



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