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Capturing the modern sports fans: engaging audiences during the summer of sports

Posted In: Digital by Connor,
June 3, 2024


Fran Haigh, Senior Account Executive

As the weather begins to heat up… (or not), so does the excitement around the major sporting events of Summer 2024: the Euros and Olympics. For marketers, this presents a golden opportunity to tap into a highly engaged and passionate audience. Understanding user behaviour during sports events can help you strategically place your ads for maximum impact. Fran, our Paid Social Expert explains why Meta ads should be at the forefront of your advertising strategy this summer.

Did you know that 76% of people use their phones while watching TV? Second screening has changed the way we consume sports events. This means, while fans have live sports on the TV, they are also scrolling through their social feeds, looking for live updates, discussions or interacting with their fellow fans to get their thoughts. And we, as marketers, can tap into these secondary activities during these prime moments.

Understanding when fans are most engaged can help you with your messaging and creatives during this time. Remember, Meta ads can be served to this user during any time of the Euros, so you need to think about what you want to say:

  • Kick-Off: The excitement and anticipation are at their peak.
  • Half-Time: Viewers seek updates, commentary, and entertainment.
  • Goal Moments: The most thrilling part of the game, when emotions run high, and fans are eager to share their reactions.
  • Post-Match: Fans discuss and analyse the game’s outcome.

These are the times when fans are most active on social media, making them prime opportunities for your ads to be seen and interacted with.

With 43% of sports fans using Instagram and 47% using Facebook to follow sports, these platforms are perfect for reaching your target audience. Meta’s visually driven format is perfect for eye-catching ads that can captivate users as they scroll through their feeds.

Unlike its rival platform TikTok, Meta doesn’t require sound on or full attention to be engaged with. You can quickly jump from your mobile to the big screen to be able to keep up with the event. There is also no forgetting the well-developed targeting options through Meta, where you can target your audiences based on a wide range of factors, including location, interests, demographics and behaviours. 

Meta also allows you to take advantage of different placements (Feed, Stories and Explore page), with multiple ad formats to ensure your message is delivered effectively. This helps you in tailoring your ads to those who will be the most engaged. With Meta’s recent introduction to time-based budgets, you can also keep your ad running for longer than the event but boost the spend during the sporting event to ensure visibility to fans.

And remember, one in three sports fans watch post-sport highlights on their phone after the game, so don’t forget about the post-match users too!

As fans gear up for the Olympics and Euros this summer, make sure your advertising is taking advantage of the new second screening phenomenon. By understanding user behaviour and leveraging the power of Meta ads, you can engage with a highly attentive and interactive audience.

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