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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 18th May 2021

We love doing everything we can to try and save the planet, it’s even carved into our metaphorical principles-of-stones at Boutique HQ.

So we decided to partner up with MoreTrees to help Every tree planted offsets the same amount of damage caused by travelling 732.90 miles in a standard car, so as an agency, that means Boutique have offset 15,390 miles this year. That’s like doing the Great Wall of China 4 times, crossing The English Channel 226 times, or the distance of 195,000 football pitches end-to-end.

MoreTrees you can offset your carbon in a way that bests suits you – whether that’s planting trees when need to, in bulk, automatically or on behalf of others.

1. Sign up for free

Create a free MoreTrees account & log in to your dashboard


2. Plant trees

Plant trees for yourself or your business, offsetting CO2 emissions


3. Gift trees

Plant for family, customers and others in a click, via CSV or automatically


4. Keep track

Watch your virtual forest and offsetting stats grow in the dashboard


It’s as simple as that. You can learn more about More Trees here and find out how you can get involved.

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