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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 16th April 2021

Creative Future are awesome, they nurture underrepresented artists in their creative development. By providing a platform through skills training, mentoring, exhibiting, promoting, and publishing opportunities.

Founded in 2007, the organisation “are a bridge from the margins to the mainstream and a catalyst for individual change. We empower artists to use their creative talent to change their lives.” Pretty awesome.

Here are just some of their achievements since 2007 –

• Supported over 6,000 underrepresented, creative people
• 12% went on to further education, volunteering, or mentoring
• Delivered 400+ courses
• Held 80 events/exhibitions reaching 300,000+
• Published over 30 books & guides
• Highly commended for Outstanding Impact in the Lloyds Bank Foundation Charity Achievement Awards; nominated for National Lottery Awards, Sector Star Awards, and National Positive Practice Awards

By giving a platform for artists who face significant barriers to accessing the arts, Creative Future brings new art to new audiences and we are here for it. You can check out their recent projects and get involved here.

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