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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 20th July 2021

Now we all have dogs at Boutique, some big, some small and some down right stanky. But we love them all none the less.

With the current heatwave taking over the nation – and there’s more to come, we wanted to highlight one of amazing ways of keeping your 4 legged family member nice and cool during this bout of scorching weather.

One of the best things we have found that really does work are cooling gel mats, there are tons to chose from ranging from twenty quid all the way to two hundred. Our personal favourite has to be the Pecute Dog Cooling Mat. It’s made from non toxic gel, it’s super comfortable and it’s definitely one of the cheaper options if you’re needing a large one.

A good one will set you back around £40 and you can get them from most big pet stores and online marketplaces. A definite must buy for dog owners this summer. Let’s save the hotdogs for eating.

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