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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 10th September 2021

We met Brad at our annual away day this year and we couldn’t not include him in the 3D. Brad Waldron is super human.

Brad is possibly the best speaker we have had the pleasure to listen to. His is known for his room filling energy, infectious humor and battle proven insights with immediate real world applications. He is the author of Present Naked – How to deliver presentations with Substance and Sizzle.

He provides a unique perspective in that he reigns from a dual exposure to winning – winning in business and winning in the sporting arena.  He harnesses a rare combination of insight, humour and practical strategies to increase performance whilst enabling people to gain more fulfillment from their work role.

Something Brad doesn’t talk about a lot is his history a a world class Athlete. He has competed Nationally and Internationally in three differing sports winning three National Titles and one International Championship.

His work assignments have led him to living and working in Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom.  He has worked with international peak performance coach Anthony Robbins in the UK and USA, was the UK MD of the Covey Leadership Centre.

And we were lucky enough to have Brad visit us rowdy lot to show us a thing or 17. You can learn more about Brad and his extraordinary work on his website here.

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