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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 3rd June 2021

We talk all the time but do we really listen? Mobile network provider, Three, have teamed up with the wonderful people at Samaritans to provide us with invaluable knowledge of how we can become better listeners.

Over the next three years, Three UK aims to raise over £1million for Samaritans to help support their listening services, encourage volunteering and fundraising, as well as promoting wellbeing among their employees and customers. Listening to someone else is one of the most powerful things you can do for them.

Together with Samaritans, Three have uncovered 5 different styles of listening, where you can find out which one best describes you and get some tips on how to improve. Head to the Three website here to learn more about the 5 different styles of listening and what you can do to become a better listener. 

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