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Posted In: PR by Dan Howard,
September 17, 2021


After more new wins and increasing investment from existing clients, we felt it was time to level up AGAIN. Introducing Daisy, our most recent signing to the already stellar PR team. Daisy studied Fashion Marketing at the University of Leeds, she loves music festivals, travelling and visiting local pubs. (You’ll fit in well.) 

As always, we sat down with Daisy to take time out of her valuable day for the inaugural Boutique 60 second interview.


1 – What was your job before this?

Before this I worked as a Personal Assistant to the CEO of a global glass manufacturer. Every single member of family has worked there at some point, and I am very grateful for the opportunities that it has provided me with.


2 – What is your favourite thing about being at Boutique so far?

I will have to say the people. Being part of such a close-knit team is the dream really. They are a great bunch of creative people, with drive, passion and confidence in every single thing that they do. I have been welcomed by every single person at Boutique from the get go and the nights out are top class (can’t say the same about the hangovers!).


3 – What are the last 3 things you googled?

  • Beauty trends of 2021
  • The weather forecasr for the weekend (rain unfortunately and I’ve got a night out planned…)
  • “Will I get notified when I enter my arranged overdaft?”


4 – You’re on the run, forced to join the circus – what’s your performance? 

I’d sing or dance. I used to do performing arts so that’s got to count for something. (Do people sing in the circus?)


5 – Recommend a book, film, tv show, anything you’ve enjoyed recently?

I really struggle to find books that I don’t get bored of to be honest, but Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton literally spoke to me. I could not put it down and it really got me through a rubbish time. TV and Films on the other hand are my thing! Ru Paul’s Drag race Allstars 6 and Jordan Peele’s Candyman were great! And I binge Peep Show on repeat…




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