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We Are Boutique joins Breadwinner Agencies

Posted In: About Us by Dan Howard,
June 1, 2018


In 2017 friend of the agency Chris McCash founded Breadwinner Agencies as a platform for representing the best agencies from the region. It’s the first agency intermediary outside of London. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to be involved.


Breadwinner is about representing the ‘very best agencies in the region, handpicked and personally recommended’. The premise being that Breadwinner is a more refined, more intelligent and more mature way to connect brands with agencies in the north.


From branding and design to marketing and ecommerce, whatever a business might need, you can find the right agency for your needs through Breadwinner. They’ve already got under the skin of each agency and discovered how they work and what they’re good at, so you don’t have to.


Chris said, “I became frustrated with London dominating the agency scene when we had such talent within our Northern cities.



“I’ve managed agencies and seen how intermediaries pay little or no attention to anyone outside the M25. I’ve also consulted for companies looking to buy marketing services in the region and seen how complicated the process can be.


“Breadwinner is a simple, visual way for companies to find both specialist and integrated marketing agencies that have been handpicked and personally recommended. A “Mr & Mrs Smith” style approach rather than the traditional, rather dull directory.


“We are creating an online shop window, a ‘market for marketing’, which will make it easier for companies to find agency partners from Leeds and Sheffield.


“This is the first intermediary service built in the region, for the region – it will help drive investment and support jobs to the very best regional marketing suppliers.


“Breadwinner will help brands make the right agency choice, reducing the risk of costly contract mistakes.”


Its core belief marries ours; right agency, better results. We know we’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but we do belief that when the connection between client and agency is established on the right grounds of culture, size, collaboration and a healthy need for one another, the best results will follow.

We cherish our independence – but to keep it we have to establish real connections to clients and partner agencies alike. A collaborative approach is essential and an intermediary like Breadwinner offers a more personal and intimate way for clients to find the right agency for their needs.


We are absolutely delighted to add our name to the select group of northern agencies under Breadwinner’s wings. We wish Chris the best of luck and hope this new venture gains the attention it deserves from the region’s most prominent brands.



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