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The EXTRAS 2023

Posted In: Our people by Jenn Ferrier,
July 3, 2023


Every year we hold our own awards ceremony to celebrate all the cracking talent we have here at Boutique. This year was even more special as we got to do it in person on our first ever overnight away day at the gorgeous Camp Katur.

The EXTRAs (previously known as the Malcies) are named after our quest for the Extraordinary. The EXTRAs are exceptionally important to us, it’s our chance to celebrate the amazing work we do and the amazing people who work here.

The awards are a mix of awards voted for by the team for the team, these are our ‘principles’ awards and our brand/business awards.

Helen our Head of People here at Boutique gave us the lowdown on the history behind the ‘Principles’ awards:

“We use Gallup’s 12 question survey to measure our Employee Engagement and it made sense to bring that to life in our awards. These questions can be grouped into Meta Themes; Clarity, Strengths, Praise and Concern, which we’ve adopted as our pillars of engagement. On a previous away day we did an exercise with the team to identify how we are doing in each pillar and how we could take them to Extraordinary! We identified within the Praise pillar that, where we were great at creating opportunities for praise from above, there was an opportunity to provide a vehicle for peer to peer recognition. So our ‘Thanks’ initiative was born. We ‘Thank’ our colleagues throughout the year for extraordinary performance tied to our principles. These ‘Thanks’ are collated and counted at the end of the year giving us a winner in each category.”

We also launched 3 brand new awards this year : Best pitch, Best Use of 3Ds (Dynamic, Disruptive and Daring) and Best Use of DISCO, all linked strongly to our brand, our business ambitions and our strategic focus.  These are awards that our team nominate themselves and colleagues for in a traditional award ceremony style entry and the strongest entry selected after an internal judging process (yes it’s a form but slim downed from external industry award entries).

So without further ado, we present the winners of The Extras 23:

The Peoples Choice – The Extraordinary AwardDaisy Tucker

Authentic – Martin Power

Graft – Emma Tarleton

Outcomes – Sophie Cork

Pause – Evie Whitaker

Sprint – Alicia Preston

Together – Martin Power

Best Pitch – Steph Feather, Sophie Cork, Michael Zervos, Connor Dimberline, Karl Jukes and Alex Price

Best Use of 3Ds – Sophie Nightingale

Best Use of D.I.S.C.O – Fran Haigh, Emma Tarleton, Martin Power




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