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SearchLeeds 2018: The Highlight Reel

Posted In: Hidden by Dan Howard,
July 4, 2018


If you missed SearchLeeds last month, then you may be wondering what you missed out on. Branded3 put together a very comprehensive list of all the speakers and their slides, which is great, but a tad overwhelming. If you want more of a highlight reel, then we’ve got just the thing for you.


Between us, we covered all the stages, and here we’ve picked out our favourite speakers and our most insightful slides for you to peruse at your leisure.



Jill Quick – Tracking Campaigns


From: The Colouring In Department


Emma says:


A fun and engaging presentation on how to ensure that you are attributing traffic to the right source using UTMs. If you don’t tag your data correctly you are most likely overvaluing or undervaluing traffic!





Kirsty Hulse – The Future of Content


From: Manyminds


Adam says:


Kirsty spoke about the future of content marketing and proposed three key ideas for how we as agencies can continue to serve our brands in the brave new world of the ever-connected, always-on consumer.


1. Ideas NOT assets are paramount – focus on getting great ideas, then work out the details of execution

2. Volume is imperative – do a quarterly ‘sexy’ content campaign and plenty of interim pieces

3. Create content cheaply – focus on what *works* – there are plenty of tools out there that can help you create engaging content without investment. One of her best tips was to get other people to make the content for you… i.e. leveraging partnership opportunities!


Ultimately, Kirsty acknowledges that as consumer habits change we need to evolve the conversation we have with our brands around content marketing. As a leader in the field, she calls on agencies to ‘change the conversation, together’.





Matt Holmes – International Paid Search


From: Distrelec


Nathan says:


An engaging presentation on the metaphorical similarities between managing international paid search accounts and American football. He spoke about maintaining the basic principles of paid search constants across-borders (accuracy) but making sure that international contexts and markets are taken into account when advertising in a different country (flexibility; awareness; analysis).





Angus Hamilton – Last Click Attribution


From: Search Laboratory


Rory says:


An interesting talk on how the ‘last click’ attribution model is becoming less and less important when measuring and developing the success of your digital marketing strategy.





Bastian Grimm – International Site Speed


From: Peak Ace


Mike says:


He gave an approachable and in-depth explanation of how to keep your site running smoothly and in a search-friendly way. It was particularly useful for explaining how we need standardised next gen image formats, and how GDPR has actually been great for site speed – making USA Today GDPR compliant made the site 83% faster by removing all the tracking code!





Hannah Smith – Content Ideas


From: Verve Search


Darcie says:


She gave a breakdown of how she and her team developed ideas and made them a success, from where they come from in the first place to different iterations of pitch emails. The main thing that came out of the session was to pay attention to your ideas, make sure you qualify your ideas (keeping it simple, and checking that there was a media appetite for your idea) and to put the work in when it comes to outreaching it.





Danny Blackburn – Content Strategy


From: Stickyeyes


Adam says:


Danny spoke about the importance of a content strategy to the overall marketing mix. This mapped very well to our own approach to client strategy and added a few new models to our toolkit.


Essentially, it’s necessary to take insights from both brand and audience research, ideate the appropriate messaging – detailing what makes you, you – and forming an implementation plan to distribute that messaging via an appropriate channel mix. The effectiveness of the above workflow will be demonstrated in the business-focussed KPIs.


Download the eBook from Stickyeyes here.


We can’t wait for next one – see you there!



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