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January 1, 2014


We put strategy at the heart of our PPC approach, complimenting our broader range of services across paid, owned and earned media. Our data led approach, combined with a rigorous testing and learning regime ensures we’re always advertising to the right audience at the right time.


Understanding how Google’s quality score algorithm works has enabled us to have an enormous influence over the cost efficiency and effectiveness of our clients paid search campaigns. This combined with the harnessing and understanding of all the data we work with, ensures we gain full control over the paid search advertising journey from click to conversion.


How We Do Paid Digital

Data Led Approach

If used correctly, data can form the basis for any successful paid search strategy. Analysing and interpreting what this data is trying to tell you is often an area which many advertisers fall down on – particularly when you combine simple paid search metrics like CTR and CPC with on-site metrics like conversion rate and even bounce rate.


Testing & Learning

We’ve seen it far too many times! Advertisers neglecting important areas of a paid search account, that if challenged and tested, could yield even stronger results. You’re never going to improve a campaign, keyword or ad copy’s performance if you’re not willing to test things out and learn from the results you drive.


Machine Assisted

Machine learning is the future of search, without a doubt. However, the paid search world we live in here at WAB is very much machine powered BUT human led. We don’t believe automation holds all the answers and actually a lot of it is still in it’s infancy in terms of the performance it can drive. Our approach is to use automation and harness the power of scripts in order to increase the efficiency of your account and aid us in achieving the maximum value from your advertising budget.


Campaign Structure

If structured correctly, the data your paid search campaigns drive can contain all the answers you need to successfully optimise all aspects of an account. Without a robust, granular, well organised paid search structure in place it’s difficult to make any real sense of the results your keywords drive. It all starts with how you structure your paid search accounts, forming the foundation for future success.


Quality Score

Competing in the live AdWords auction day in, day out, is always a tricky game. However, strong quality scores are a huge advantage that can save you precious money each time a user clicks one of your ads. Learn how quality score affects your account efficiency and you’ll see why we always push to make it better.


KPI Driven

Because paid search is so measurable it’s important for us to know exactly what we’re being measured on at all times. By setting KPI’s and having clear targets in place it allows us to make more informed decisions about where to spend that Paid search budget and what areas of the account to focus in on.

Our Results


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