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June 7, 2022


Never ones to brag but we are on fire! We have grown our relationships with our clients new and old resulting in 27% growth last year.  

Time to bring in some newbies to bolster our team and continue to deliver bloody good stuff! 

Introducing – Chloe our Junior Account Exec,  Karl – Head of Partnership Development, Jenn – Head of Marketing and Shane – Agency Director – all newly created roles to compliment our already bad-ass team.

We took 5 mins out to grill our newbies – and our friendly resident sheep (that Karl took a real shine to) to find out a little bit more about them and their first impressions of Boutique.

Check out the highlights below and if you want to know more about each of our faces we asked them to write a little bio about themselves too, you’ll need to read to the end for those!

What has been the most surprising thing about Boutique so far?

Jenn: “For me it’s the genuine appetite to want to do things differently, every agency talks about it but Boutique really mean it and are willing to take risks”

Shane: “following on from that… anytime you join a company or agency there is always people that you instantly like and those that are d**kheds, when I joined this place everyone is awesome – everyone is like minded and really inclusive – I feel like I have been here for months, it’s been a really nice surprise”

Karl: “Here it feels like things really are going to happen!”

Chloe: “Coming here knowing that I if I have a question and I can ask anyone, everyone is so so lovely – everyone helps everyone out, everyone is so integrated”

What are the last 3 things you googled?

Shane: The weather, Australian news site & gyms near here!

Karl: Sliding door wardrobes, paint & how to make my wifi outside light work! 

(Context is everything – Shane lived in Oz 16 years before coming back home 18 mths ago and Karl is in the middle of a house reno..these trumped Jenns & Chloes answers)

You run away to join the circus. What’s your trick / skill?

Chloe: “Dancing, I have been doing it for 8 years and love it! – I’ll be the dance act”

Jenn: “Wow, that’s an amazing skill Chloe! I am going with the plate spinning!”

Shane: ”Bearded lady – it reminds me of a Christmas party circus theme from years ago which resulted in going out in town in full circus fancy dress!”

Karl: ”Balancing on a tight rope!”

At this point we lose the newbies to sheep chat as Karl finally lets go and puts the sheep down!

Cue – Long pause in actual Q&A……..

What is your number one priority for the next 3 months?

After unanimous chanting of ‘passing probation’ and much merriment (and slightly nervous laughter) we moved on to some decent answers, well at least from some of the guys!:

Chloe: “Meeting the media owners, some fellow new faces at Channel 4 and just as many people as I can!”

Jenn: “To get Boutique back out in the world, make some noise and get us heard again!”

Karl: “Engage with as many potential clients as possible!”

Best TV show or book of all time?

Karl: “My favorite book is a book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – the Shadow of the Wind – it’s based in Barcelona in the 1900’s and is a really really cool book!”

Jenn: ”My answer is way less cool – but I absolutely love the film ‘Love Actually’”

Shane: “AnchorMan is my favorite thing ever – it makes no sense and that’s why I like it”

Sum Boutique up in 3 words?

Karl: “Daring, Dynamic, Disruptive – what’s up with ya? I am sticking with those” (For those that don’t know those are part of our brand ethos)

Chloe: “Creative, Family, Hard-working”

Shane: “Unique, Colourful, Friendly”

Jenn: “Different, (genuinely) Daring, Friendly”

You can have one super power for a day, what would it be?

Chloe: “Time travel – but then I don’t want to change anything, just watch it, not be in it!”

Shane: “Teleporting”

Karl: “Flying”

Wanna know more? Check out the self-bios below



After a period of looking for the ‘right fit’ and sampling other Leeds agencies, it looks as though I’ve finally found my square peg, square hole at Boutique! I’ve always been in the lead gen scene and started life in the wonderful world of insurance generating new business appointments for the sales team and it’s as boring as it sounds. No creativity, very dry subject matter and I had to wear a suit to work every day!

Discovering agency life was a ground-breaking for me, as I get to be as creative as I want, pick my sector, and wear whatever I want, whilst working with amazing creative experts so I’m loving my role as Head of Partnership Development at Boutique. I’ve worked at agencies with triple the amount of people and you can hear a pin drop, not at Boutique, it’s absolutely buzzing, no corporate BS and a fun environment to thrive in.

Outside of work, I really enjoy running. I’ve done a marathon and a few halves, although 3 children and a recently bought house project in York keeps me very busy so I’ve not done too much of late. I’m in love with travel, the great outdoors and live music, especially festivals and I need more in my life, I’ve visited some awesome countries and seen some ace bands, I’d say this is my vibe in a nutshell. 


I moved to Leeds in 2019 to complete a degree in criminology, however I had a change of heart during lockdown and decided that I wanted to join the marketing industry. I attended an assessment day at Boutique and was successful, landing myself a junior position within the media team. I don’t have a vast background in media or marketing, so everything is very new to me, but I am excited to learn and get stuck in. I absolutely love Leeds too, since I have moved here, I have met so many amazing people and joining Boutique will only create more opportunities for me to meet new people!

As a criminology student I am a lover of anything murder mystery/horror, including films, tv and books. I also love to dance; having danced for 8 years before moving to Leeds, it is a real passion of mine and something I do to relax and enjoy my weekends. I love to watch dance too, so I take every opportunity I can to visit the theatre and watch the art unfold. 


A northern gal through and through – I moved to Leeds nearly 20 years ago from Newcastle having been lured for a job on the client-side of the fence where I earned my marketing stripes for a decade before making the jump agency side. 

Boutique is agency number 3 for me, having worked with clients across Retail, FMCG, Financial Services & Higher Ed for the last 10 years. I’ll be using that experience coupled with some marketing magic to drive fame & followers for Boutique – we are cooking up some pretty grand plans!

Like Karl, travel & music (specifically live music and more specifically festivals) are my passion, alongside a love of all things Ibiza – and I am lucky enough to say I have experienced my fair share of all of those. These days I am more likely to be spotted at a local farm or a festival with bouncy castles & bubbles as the main event – and happily so!



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