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KBB Birmingham 2024: Kitchen and Bathroom Trends Hot Right Now

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March 20, 2024


Becky Gaskell, PR Account Director

Fresh from last week’s KBB Birmingham at the NEC, the UK’s biggest kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom trade show, Abby, Karl and myself headed to the event – an event that was packed with some stunning stands showcasing how the KBB sector continues to push the boundaries with new creative ideas and innovative products. 

Bathrooms Bold and Beautiful: Bland bathrooms are no more! This year, it’s all about colour and texture. Think bold, fluted bathtubs, textured worktops, statement tiles, aesthetically pleasing shower floors, complimented by pops of colour that’ll give you a happy jolt – think mauve pink, mint green and burnt orange. 

It certainly felt many bathroom companies who were at the show, were trying to capture the outside-in design – through product design, materials, colours and creativity.

Sustainability Takes Centre Stage: Eco-friendly living is still a massive priority. From water-saving taps and energy-efficient appliances to worktops and cabinets made from recycled materials, sustainability was a key theme. Expect sleek, minimalist designs built to last, not least kind to the planet.

Luxury Redefined: Matt black taps and basins added a touch of sophisticated luxury, while organic shapes like curved bathtubs and vanities brought a spa-like calm to the bathroom.

Smart and Seamless Kitchens: Tech is taking over the kitchen. Integrated appliances that vanish into cabinets and voice-controlled gadgets were everywhere. 

Multitasking Marvels: Open-plan living is here to stay, and kitchens are becoming ever more versatile. Expect clever storage solutions, hidden work areas, and built-in features like coffee stations and breakfast nooks.

Inspiration Stations: The show wasn’t just about products. There were incredible concept areas showcasing the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design. These immersive experiences were a goldmine of inspiration for anyone planning a revamp.

The Future of Kitchens and Bathrooms: KBB Birmingham 2024 was a vibrant look at how kitchens and bathrooms are evolving to fit our modern lives. Sustainability, functionality, and a splash of personality are clearly the cornerstones of kitchen and bathroom design for the years to come.

These trends provide valuable insights for staying ahead of the curve in kitchen and bathroom design. By incorporating them into your offerings, you can cater to your clients’ evolving needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing their project outcomes.

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