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How brands can tap into DIY trends in 2024 

Posted In: HOME by Connor,
January 25, 2024


Jenny Bairstow, Channel 4 Content Creative

With the growing popularity of TikTok tutorials which make it look easier than ever to elevate your home, it’s no surprise DIY is a strongly predicted trend for homes in 2024. In this blog,  we, as an agency that specialises in property marketing will run you through all the ways consumers will be featuring this in their homes, with tips on how your brand can get ahead of the curve.

DIY trend #1: Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Typically, people are starting to show off their good taste and brand loyalty by turning packaging into furniture, trinkets, and storage containers. This is such a hot trend that many home decor stores have jumped on it and have started selling plant pots designed to look like re-used food tins.

This trend shows us the importance of having strong branding. Consumers using your brands packaging as decoration in their homes shows a strong connection with your brands presence, visuals and identity. Brands should keep this in mind when designing their packaging – does it look good enough to keep? Realistically, could you imagine repurposing it to use as storage or a plant pot?

People giving new life to food packaging is nothing new- think back to your mums sewing kit in a box of biscuits, or your dads loose change in a tin of Quality Street. How honoured would you be if your packaging became reused as a household staple in the same way? This is a guaranteed way to create a great legacy for your brand, so get strategising with your graphic designers and packaging engineers.

DIY Trend #2: Personality over Perfection

With the rise of institutions like Sip & Paints, creative workshops are rising in popularity. Many people are now opting for lino printing, rug tufting, or pottery painting as a fun reunion, birthday, or hen/stag activity. This means that a lot of people are coming away from these with handmade paintings and prints, which have much more value as conversation starters than your standard, run-of-the-mill poster. This year, everyone will be displaying home-made works of art on an eclectic, colourful gallery wall.

This links to an ongoing trend where people are moving away from a polished, minimalist aesthetic, and towards a more characterful, maximalist look. This reflects a more playful approach to interior design, which recognises that homes are meant to be lived in, and a house should be reflective of all the fun times had inside it. Embracing this aesthetic is also more sustainable, as consumers are encouraged to hold onto items with memories attached to them, rather than changing everything according to what’s on trend.

Brands can embrace this trend by thinking about how their products can tie these items together. It also represents consumers seeking more bespoke, unique products, which suggests brands could be thinking about adding premium customisation options where possible.

DIY tip #3 – DIY until I DYE?

As more and more consumers are searching for low-cost ways to restyle their home, more people are considering dying the fabric of their soft furnishings, or buying covers for furniture in trendy colours. By upcycling the furniture they have rather than buying things new, consumers are able to create the home of their dreams without having to throw away otherwise perfectly usable furniture.

As such, brands should consider designing products with fabric that can be dyed easily, which means avoiding the use of acrylic or polyester. We could also be thinking about how a colour will look once faded, and whether it will age gracefully or need a redesign. This might tempt brands to release ‘timeless’ or ‘classics’ ranges of neutral colours which can easily be accented. Or, where applicable, designing accent pieces to go with neutral furniture.

If you found some or all of that helpful and got you thinking we would love to have a chat or a brew – as an agency that specialises in the property, home & garden space we have lots more to say! You can get in touch at hello@weareboutique.co.uk




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