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Google Marketing Live: What It Means for the Future of Paid Search Accounts

Posted In: Digital by Emma Tarleton,
June 27, 2024


Emma Tarleton, Senior Account Manager

Google Marketing Live is Google’s annual event where the latest features and advancements of Google Ads (and other products) are unveiled to the world (admittedly with not quite enough theatrics in this author’s opinion). It seeks to help marketing professionals and hobbyists alike to learn more about how to leverage new features, to get the best out of their campaigns on the platform.

This year’s event in May 2024 focussed heavily on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various marketing aspects. Paid Digital specialist Emma shares the key points covered are outlined below.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be a buzzword in the Digital Marketing world, and it is crucial we learn its advantages and disadvantages. GML was no different, with AI featuring heavily. In particular, two use cases for AI were featured. 

Firstly, Performance Max (PMax) campaigns will be able to utilise it to automatically create assets like images and videos. This may be invaluable in saving your creative team’s time – however, we do warn that AI assets may not be as valuable as ones created with the audience in mind. Always double-check what has been created by the robot – in case of any silly errors!

Shopping ads will be able to use features such as video and Virtual Reality (VR) – a trend we have seen in Meta as we seek to give users a more immersive ad experience. Whilst unlikely most advertisers would be able to utilise due to the high needs of VR it is certainly an interesting development for customers.

AI overviews in Search – Google is testing a feature that displays interactive and informative summaries alongside search results. This could potentially change how users interact with search engine results pages (SERPs).

AI-powered ads for complex purchases – Google is exploring ways to use AI to create ads specifically for promoting high-consideration products that require more research before purchase.

The importance of First-Party Data is not a surprise to many seasoned Google Ads pros. Google is continuing to focus on it with the introduction of two new features:

Google Ads Data Manager is a tool that will help unify uploaded first-party data within the platform. Find out more from the official Google Ads Help page. This will allow for more sophisticated campaign reporting and targeting. The need for this is paramount as we become more reliant on AI – we must ensure to feed the machine the correct data to get the best results.

A new conversion goal for PMax and Shopping is being introduced – Profit Optimization. This seeks to optimise for profit margins, instead of just revenue. This could be a life changer for many e-commerce businesses that are focused on driving business growth instead of just good Google Ads performance. We currently manually implement this to tag products and keywords up depending on their margins and then manually review optimisations with this in mind or segment campaigns accordingly. This new goal will allow AI to take this into consideration as well for its optimisations.

As users become more sceptical of scams and dodgy Brands it is vital that you help increase trust signals. Also, in a climate of tough competition and a cost of living crisis – consumers are becoming more focused on the Brand they are buying from. Google has introduced two new features to help with your Brand identity:

Brand Profiles – This feature allows businesses to create a visual profile on Google Search, showcasing their brand story and key information.

AI-powered recommendations – Google will use AI to suggest personalised recommendations and ad formats tailored to each business’s goals.

Interested in how to ensure your PPC campaigns are taking advantage of these new features (and any more to follow) Get in touch with our Paid Search specialists today: Contact Us



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