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Behind the Scenes: A Peek into Working with Influencers

Posted In: PR by Alicia Preston,
May 15, 2024


Over the past three months, Alicia Preston, our dedicated PR Account Executive, has delved deep into the world of influencer on behalf of our professional haircare client, Neäl & Wølf. In this blog, Alicia shares her insights, recounting the trials and triumphs of navigating the dynamic world of influencers. So, let’s dive in…

I originally joined Boutique as a Junior PR Account Executive so when I was given the chance to expand my expertise and delve into the realm of social marketing I leaped at the opportunity, the chance to understand the intricacies of influencer collaboration excited me. In today’s digital age, the term ‘influencer’ is more prevalent than ever, from social media mavens to TikTok stars. Their influence over consumer behaviour and brand perception is undeniable. And so, my journey so far has revolved around positioning my client’s content at the forefront of this influencer landscape.

But I digress; you’re here for a glimpse behind the curtain, a peek into the nuances of working with influencers. Without further ado, let’s explore.

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The Glamour and the Grit

You may think working with influencers consists of glitzy events, exclusive parties, and lavish sponsorships, while these moments certainly exist for the influencer, they often don’t for us (me) backstage. In reality, collaborating with influencers involves meticulous planning, strategic negotiation, and ongoing relationship management so ensure you build that relationship before signing the contract.

Building Authentic Partnerships

At the heart of a successful influencer partnership lies authenticity. Genuine connections between influencers and brands resonate far more deeply with audiences than blatant advertisements. As such, cultivating meaningful partnerships requires careful alignment of values, messaging, and target demographic. We often get influencers coming to us revealing how much they love Neäl & Wølf haircare and it’s those that create successful content for us so choose your influencers wisely and ensure that they are a true representation of your brand.

Metrics That Matter

Something about social media has made us obsess over follower count and likes, it almost became a competition for who had the most of each but what we’ve found out about social marketing is that it’s important to look beyond surface level metrics like follower count and likes. Instead focus on the metrics such as engagement rates, reach and conversation rates. A stronger average in these metrics has proved more beneficial on brand awareness and sales which at the end of the day is the main goal with influencing. 

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The Importance of Transparency

If you’re not completely transparent with an influencer it could all go wrong. Being transparent involves clearly outlining expectations and deliverables in your brief, you want your brief to be so thorough that the influencer is confident enough to go ahead and create content without question. Transparent communication fosters long term partnerships built on mutual respect and integrity. Remember this when working with influencers as its often the key to avoiding any potential misunderstandings.

Conclusion: A Collaborative Journey

Overall, we’ve found that influencer marketing is more than just a transactional exchange. It’s a collaborative journey between brands, influencer and most importantly their audiences. By harnessing authentic collaborations, focussing on the metrics that matter and prioritising transparency, brands such as Neäl & Wølf can benefit from the power of influencers to elevate their marketing efforts and connect with their audience on a deeper level. With Boutique’s expertise in navigating the social marketing landscape, we ensure that your influencer partnerships are not only effective but also align with your brand’s core values and goals to help maximise the impact of each collaboration.

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