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5 Ways to Make the Most out of your Door Drop Campaign + Infographic

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July 25, 2018


You might have dismissed door drops as ineffective junk mail, but that little leaflet sat on your door mat ended up there for a reason. Door drops can be targeted, they can be effective, and they can make your target audience take action – which means that you achieve your marketing goals.


Read on to find out how you can make the most of them.


Will door drops work for my brand?


It’s crucial that your chosen media channel fits with your brand. So, before planning a door drop campaign, there’s a couple of questions you need to ask.


  • What kind of result are you wanting to get from using door drops?
  • And what do you think door drops can achieve for your brand?


Door drops are brilliant for tight regional and national targeting, for direct responses and for promoting relevant offers and vouchers.


The sector of your brand can also affect how effective your door drop campaign is. Take this door drop stat, for example. When consumers were asked how often they take further action with a door drop, restaurant and take-away brands were at 59% compared to financial brands at 12%*.


The most successful marketing campaigns are always the ones who know their audience and how to target them through the most relevant media channels, so make sure door drops are 100% the right fit for your brand.


How to target by demographic or postcode


So now you’ve figured out whether the brand fits and you’re onto the fun part – where you want to target. Areas are split up into four sectors – postal area, postal district, postal sector and postal code, meaning you have the freedom to target mass or niche audiences on a national or regional scale.


For example, national targeting for a massive brand such as Domino’s works perfectly as they’re trying to target as many people in as many areas as possible. For a smaller brand, such as your local Chinese takeaway, regional targeting for a specific area means that they can target only the people that they can deliver to, for instance.


There’s also the option to target by demographic, meaning you can get super picky about what type of audience you want to reach – which leads to minimum wastage and maximum ROI. Result.


What form of delivery should you pick?


Unlike other medias, there’s actually three different methods of distribution when it comes to delivering your door drops – delivery with free newspapers, by in-house distribution teams and by Royal Mail.


There are pros and cons to each one:


Free newspapers – cost effective but have limited distribution areas

In-house distribution – again cost effective, but staff can get distribution mixed up

Royal Mail – tried and trusted but can be expensive and late fees can whack the price up further.


It’s always worth having a shop around when it comes to picking what form of delivery will work best for your campaign, so take the time to weigh up the separate pros and cons.


Use at least one other form of media


It might seem obvious, but  your campaign will always be amplified if you use more than one form of media. Each person you’re targeting consumes different forms of media so using a variety will mean that you’re more likely to get in front of your target audience.


A whopping 90% of campaigns that used door drops alongside another form of media reported a rise in profit – so if that doesn’t persuade you, I don’t know what would.



Make sure the creative is spot on


89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing, which is more than any other marketing, so it’s important that your creative stands out.


Some things to consider:


  • A design that can be understood no matter which way they land on the doorstep
  • Something that differentiates your leaflet from the rest, like a cut out or a pop up
  • A compelling offer or a voucher means that your door drop is more likely to be read – if you use a door drop specific code, you can track how well the campaign has worked.


*Source: The Leaflet Company, 2018.




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