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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 10th February 2021

Everyone can remember those glass bottles of milk and OJ left on your grandparents porch door step, with the minging bit of cream on top that everyone seems to love.  Well thanks to supermarkets and convenience shopping, these are now a thing of the past. And with that, comes a hell of a lot of plastic. So one absolute legend in Lancashire came up with a brilliant way to bring the glass bottles back and ditch the plastic.

The Modern Milkman reinvented milk and grocery service by focussing on sustainability and app-based ordering. “Earlier this month the company secured a £5m investment from ETF Partners (The Environmental Technologies Fund) after a mammoth 2020 saw a tenfold increase in revenue, bolstered by lockdown demand. The app-based platform delivers milk and groceries from independent and local suppliers directly to households in returnable and reusable packaging, including glass bottles and tins.” You can read more about it on Prolific North.

The growth equates to 106 tonnes of plastic saved, or 8 million plastic bottles. That figure, says founder and CEO Simon Mellin, is growing by 1.2 million bottles a month as the company scales. Which is pretty awesome. And good news – they deliver in Leeds. Check it out here and see if they deliver to your area.



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