The Do Lectures

The Do Lectures

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Posted In: by weareboutique, 7th January 2020

In themselves, the Do Lectures are not Daring, Dynamic or Disruptive but their purpose is to inspire people to change their lives.

Created in 2007 off the back of a text that read ‘Don’t just stand there, do something’, A couple decided that people needed a space to think, develop, nurture ideas and gather the momentum to take away and do. The Do Lectures we’re born. It’s an even that happens each. it sells out in hours, has rave reviews and focuses on supporting people who want to be daring, dynamic or disruptive. From it, a range of books have been released, talks take place, a podcast was born, workshops occur and an awesome community has been born.

Ever in need of inspiration? Hit the website and consume one of the elements that have spun out of the DO Lectures.
We just love it.

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