Lost Stock Box

Lost Stock Box

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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 8th July 2020

Due to Coronavirus, leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion USD worth of clothes that have already been produced.  Leaving millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh unpaid and at risk of starvation.  So two bright chaps for Edinburgh had a wicked idea to not only stop these families from starving, but potentially stop the clothes going to landfill. So they teamed up with garment workers across the world that are at risk of unemployment and created Lost Stock, a shopping website you can directly support these workers while the big brands aren’t.

The best bit, it’s really easy –

Step 1

Head to their website and select women’s or menswear, then answer a couple of short questions during the checkout process to tell them a little bit about your style.

Step 2

They select a minimum of three pieces for you based on your style preferences. These clothes would have been stocked by well-known brands, and could otherwise be headed for landfill.

Step 3

In 6-8 weeks, three or more items of clothing will arrive in the post, not only do you save loads of cash but each order supports a family for a week.


The goal is to help 100,000 workers and their families, so head to the website now and make your order! – https://loststock.com/

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