High Performance Podcast

High Performance Podcast

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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 19th May 2020

We love a podcast here at Boutique and as an agency in the pursuit of extraordinary we’re constantly nudged on anything that will support high performance.

Most recently, we’ve been listening to the wonderful High Performance Podcast by Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes.

Jake is best known for his career in sports broadcasting but is a highly successful entrepreneur and owner of Whisper, the UK’s biggest produce of micro sports content. No mean feat!

Damian Hughes is a sports psychologist known for his book studying the culture at Barcelona FC.

Their podcasts interviews high performers from the world of sport, business and entertainment and provides fascinating insights. It works because of the pure focus of how individuals realise extraordinary and is backed up with psychological insight from Hughes.

Fascinating and inspiring. Give it a listen here.

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