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2018 Homes & Interiors Trends

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January 30, 2018


New year, new home! Working within the homes and interiors space has given us a bug for incredible interiors and as the new year falls into shape, we’ve been eyeing up the refreshed set of trend predictions.


Rose gold and pale woods dominated Pinterest boards in 2017, so what will this year bring? We’ve rounded up the interior trend predictions that we can’t wait to see more of in 2018.



Courageous Colours


Pretty pastels are fading fast and in their place, bold, moody tones are filling the colour palettes of trendsetters this month.


Think rich, velvety tones of deep blue, rich violet and striking emerald. We’re taking steps to be bolder with our colour choices, and this is reflected in furniture pieces as well as wall paint.



International Inspiration


Wanderlusters and soul seekers have long been filling their homes with internationally-inspired interior finds, and 2018 will be no different. Colours and patterns are especially easy to replicate at home, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for earthy terracotta tones paired with chunky textures. Tactile appeal is key!




Textured Textiles                          


The design-savvy amongst us have been clashing textures for years, to great aesthetic effect, but this trend has earned particular prominence in 2018. The prediction sees the rise of artisan and handmade finds, as many of us opt for unique design statements and one-off creations. Textures with raw appeal combined with embellished, woven and even velvet finishes are particularly on-trend.


New-look Metallics


It looks as though rose gold will be taking a backseat this year, making way for more industrial, understated metals. Seek out brass and nickel as opposed to those with a high shine to create a muted, natural effect.




Leafy Expressions


Nature’s influence will always have a place in home design predictions, and this year we’ll be keeping an eye out (again) for jungle prints, exotic birds and new-wave house plants. Speaking of which, air plants have caught our attention over the past few weeks – especially for the urbanites and square-footage-challenged amongst us. They don’t require soil or even plant pots, so can be hung from walls or ceilings for a touch of nature without taking up floor space.


Our glazed ceramic vessel in good company at the @nelplant home

A post shared by Airplantman (@airplantman) on


Dark Woods

Scandinavian influence has dominated trend lists for a while with its pale wood and minimalist appeal. This year, trend forecasters are leaning to the dark side, with rich, dark oak and mahogany set to become firm favourites. Pair with the deep and moody colours mentioned above for true modern luxe.





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