Liverpool is officially the eco-shopping capital of the UK with over 75 eco-friendly stores, selling a wide-range of products from zero-waste options to sustainable homewares and more. See the top 10 list of cities listed from Ecovibe’s research here:


Would you like to be paid £1,000 for eating at Greggs, McDonalds and Subway? MaterialsMarket is looking for six takeaway testers to work out the best fast-food options for trade people. Apply here:


This year’s annual singing competition had some real surprises, including the UK finishing second! But what are the best and worst performances ever? Betfair Casinos has asked fans to vote on the biggest success stories and failures. Abba receives high praise, however 2007’s Scooch was voted the worst. Do you agree?

Cooking Myths

Wren Kitchens has conducted a survey to finally iron out common kitchen cooking myths that we all swear by. Did you know that just because chicken isn’t pink doesn’t mean it’s cooked? See all of the myths here:

Put your foot down

New driving laws reveal that some popular footwear could cost you a £5,000 fine. Nike, Adidas and Balenciaga trainers are in breach of Rule 97 of the Highway Code, that states you need to ensure that ‘clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner’ – for more info head to:

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