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Skoda Hacks YouTube

Car brand Skoda revealed that they are behind several of their competitors in terms of recognition in France, therefore they have decided to ‘hack the system’. Partnering up with three influences who are well known for their car reviews, Skoda have manipulated previous video reviews for popular car models such as the Renault Clio. Skoda has modified the original video reviews and added digital billboards of the Skoda Fabia into the backgrounds. The revised videos will then be placed as ads on YouTube, targeting specific audiences, and will go live at the beginning of July.

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Man vs Bee 

A new series on Netflix called Man vs Bee has arrived, with Rowan Atkinson as the lead character. To promote the show, a large out-of-home billboard has been placed in the middle of a popular roundabout in Manchester, in which poles around the display are housed by giant bees on top to draw attention. Also, a sculpture of Rowan Atkinson has been created and filled with ‘bee-friendly foodstuffs’ catering for all bees and creating awareness relating to the risk surrounding bee population.

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Channel 4 Celebrates Pride

June has been the month of pride with several celebrations taking place. Channel 4 dedicated a weekend to pride, showing films, documentaries, and special editions of family favourites. The programmes, especially the documentaries, highlighted both the achievements and challenges in which the LGBTQ+ have faced over the past 50 years. Popular shows such as Celebrity Googlebox included some of Britain’s most loved LGBTQ+ personalities, while favourites such as Naked Attraction and First Dates showcased a compilation, highlighting some of their most memorable LGBTQ+ guests. 

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Robinsons and Wimbledon have ended their partnership

After almost 9 decades, Robinsons and Wimbledon have ended their partnership. Their partnership started 86 years ago, making it one of the longest running sport sponsorship deals. Their decision to end the sponsorship was influenced by a desire to broaden their “summertime reach to beyond the Wimbledon fortnight”. The company are looking to focus on new campaigns for example their “Big Fruit Hunt”, in which they are encouraging families to get outside and take part in the virtual hunt for prizes.

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Channel 4 & Boutique

Finally, members of the Boutique media team visited Channel 4 Sales offices to broaden their knowledge regarding all things TV, including booking, costs and why clients should choose TV. Channel 4 also introduced new opportunities for sponsorships, available for the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. During the session everyone was greeted with a fantastic performance from a drag queen, to celebrate pride, which brought a smile to everyone’s faces and boosted the mood.



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