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Beyond Meta: Why Your Advertising Strategy Needs to Go Multi-Channel

Posted In: Digital by Connor,
April 5, 2024


On the 5th March 2024, we were all met with the initial fear that our Meta accounts had been hacked, when in fact Meta had gone down entirely for the whole world for approximately two hours. In this blog, Fran, our Leeds advertising agency’s paid social expert explains why the Meta downtime was a good reminder of the importance of having a multi-channel approach when it comes to social advertising.

We all know that Meta has been the powerhouse of social advertising with its detailed and well-developed targeting and its endless creative options, but with the likes of TikTok continually keeping Meta on its toes since 2020, it’s time to diversify your strategy.

1. Reaching a Broader Spectrum of Customers:

Each social media platform attracts a unique demographic, and all apps have their own use to each audience. Meta may cater more to an older demographic, TikTok to a younger, more trend-focused audience, and Pinterest to those seeking inspiration for their next home renovation or shopping spree.

By advertising on all these channels, you are ensuring you are reaching a broader spectrum of your potential customers. However, it is important to note you must do your audience research first to ensure your ideal customers are on the platform in the first place.

2. Harnessing the Power of Creativity:

As you probably already know from your own user experience, each platform provides its own unique creative experience. Meta can dominate this space with its carousels, videos and collection ad variety, but when it comes to short form videos, TikTok definitely takes the lead. In the last year, Pinterest has introduced new exciting formats with spotlight and quiz ads with the idea to keep those engaged.

By leveraging the unique features of each platform, you can unleash your creativity and deliver more engaging and impactful ads. Variety in content keeps your advertising fresh and dynamic, capturing the attention of diverse audiences across various platforms.

3. Leveraging the Customer Journey:

Similar to my first point, having a multi channel strategy means you can reach your audiences at different points of their journey. For example, Pinterest and TikTok are excellent for keeping your brand front of mind to those prospecting audiences. Whereas Meta and Google, not only can help with brand awareness but also driving those sales too.

Once you have defined your audience, you can then tailor each creative for each platform to ensure each touchpoint is relevant to those audiences and their state of mind depending on the platform they are using at the time.

Image of a creative designer working in his sketchbook on a wooden desk with his camera next to him

To ensure you are maximising your reach and impact, it is important to embrace the diverse social media world we have today. Using different platforms will ensure you are reaching all of your audiences at different stages of their customer journey while embracing each platform’s uniqueness. In the words of every Love Islander ever, don’t put all your eggs in one basket – diversify your paid social advertising. Struggling to know where to begin with your multi-channel approach? Get in touch with us hello@weareboutique.co.uk 



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