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April 26, 2023


TEAM (BSR) Boutique Social Responsibility

This month we got together with our BSR to get the lowdown and here what’s been going down in our mission to save the planet, support our employees and give back to the community.


First up we quiz George who looks after our relationship with our local foodbank to see what our latest campaign has achieved.

Q: Why did we decide to get involved with the foodbank?

George: Supporting our local community is a core pillar of our BSR framework and with the cost of living crisis it’s an issue relevant to so many people around us, with that in mind I reached out to Holbeck food bank to see how we could get involved.

Q: What’s the latest campaign been and how easy was it to drum up support internally?

George: This is the sixth major campaign we have done for Holbeck Food Bank and the team always respond to it really well internally. We reached out to our Boutiquers just before the Easter holiday with the intention of supporting the food bank to bridge the gap parents often face during school holidays. We collected £145 internally and intend to run another campaign during the summer and I personally want to double that total – with hindsight lots of the team were on holiday so I think we can go bigger and better next time.

If you want to get involved you can donate directly to Holbeck Food Bank by contacting David on 0771 046 7587.



In March we celebrated International Woman Day. We had an open and frank discussion with the whole team about equality and the challenges that woman face when walking alone, going out at night and in some social situations.

Fran, hosted the session and shared with us how she found it and some of the key messages which came out of it:

“Some of key takeouts centred around women’s safety, precautions that can be taken in order to stay safe and the difference between the way men and woman feel when out after.

The biggest positive for me was the whole team were involved, not just the ladies as we felt that it was something men should be aware of, understand (as if they have woman in their lives it may be useful to pass on the knowledge) and also what men could be done in order to put woman at ease, as sometime behaviours whilst not intentional may be preserved as threating to others.”

“Of course the tapas lunch was a pretty big highlight too! – Us ladies then left the men for a Tapas Lunch as a beautiful Tapas restaurant (Bomba) and were all given a bracelet with the word ‘ You are capable of amazing things”


Next up the team were sharing the latest update from our partnership with ‘More Trees’ and we grabbed Sarah to give us the lowdown:

“We are all aware that climate change is harming our planet, and we wanted to take some simple steps that could make a big impact.

We use ‘More Trees’ they enable us to plant trees, so that we can help sequester carbon dioxide in the future. When we have new starters at Boutique we plant a tree as part of their joining process, when a team member has a Anniversary of working with us we plant another and we have even been know to plant just because we can!

So far we have planted 71 trees which equates to an estimated 21.3 tonnes of future CO2 sequestration. Our Forest is in Haiti in the Caribbean Sea.

Our next client satisfaction survey will be linked to this case as well so very soon we may be hitting 100 trees planted!”

If you would like to plant a tree to support our forest, please follow this link:


A massive thanks to our BSR team and look out for our next check in with the team.












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