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Q&A With Holly

Posted In: About Us by Connor,
March 17, 2024


How would you sum up your time on the Content Creatives placement? 

Insightful. I found out about new career paths, I met new people and I explored new interests of my own. I discovered a new career I don’t think I would have entered if it wasn’t for the course. The staff were great, the cohort was supportive and the placement was the best. I don’t regret applying one bit!

Now you have secured a permanent position at Boutique, what advice would you give to other people thinking about applying for the scheme?

There is one piece of advice that rings true the more I progress professionally. Always say ‘yes’. But I like to add on if you have the capacity too. I think sometimes the best experiences can be blocked by fear or rejection so I always say yes now. I haven’t had an experience yet where it has failed me! Push yourself out of your comfort zone as you may never know where it will lead!

Tell us about your new role and the top 3 things you are looking forward to marking your mark on in it.

I have the privilege of joining BOUTIQUE as a Junior account executive in PR. My role is mainly focused in organic social and influencer marketing! (Eek!) I come into this role feeling motivated and empowered, the team in my speciality is small, so I want to be able to grow the impact it has. I also have a burning passion and I want my work to radiate the belief I have in the importance of social media and influencer landscapes. Most of all, I am excited to put my own spin on idea generation and push our results further!

What’s the best piece of advice you were given on the course?

That comparison is the thief of joy. I found myself comparing where I am in life to everyone else and letting that affect my current success’. I think without those words, I wouldn’t be living as much in the present as I am now!

What’s the biggest surprise you have had during your time at Boutique?

Apart from my first day including a roller disco photoshoot, it had to be being allowed to continue my placement in PR despite plans for me to experience other departments. That permission granted me the opportunities to be given big projects. Seeing the content go live or published is a feeling I don’t think will ever get old! The trust I was given that I knew PR was for me without experiencing anything else, was a surprise as it led to so many cool things and landed me a job in the end! 

What’s the best thing about Boutique?

Everyone and the culture. I had the unique experience of working in the team before becoming a fully fledged ‘Boutiquer’. Honestly, when I was in the process of finding out if I had a spot at BOUTIQUE – upon reflection I just felt like nowhere else could match the feeling of BOUTIQUE and how right it felt! Everyone is so lovely and the culture is by far the best I’ve seen anywhere. I feel free to speak my voice, make friends but also have creative empowerment here and I haven’t found that anywhere else. 

What’s been the best part about landing a permanent job post your successful CC placement?

Knowing that I have a place to come and work that I love, feel supported by and feel like no day is the same! I truly feel excited for the future!




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