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How to Spring Clean Your PPC 

Posted In: Digital by Connor,
March 5, 2024


Emma Tarleton, Digital Senior Account Manager

2023 was a busy year for PPC accounts with numerous changes made to the platform – including GA4 mandatory usage and Performance Max campaigns. Amidst all this change it was easy to lose sight of the basics within your account. We are recommending taking an opportunity early in 2024 to check your accounts in detail to make sure they are best practice. In this blog, our PPC agency specialist Emma Tarleton shares the main points of focus to keep your Paid Search accounts firing on all cylinders.

Ensure all your campaigns have adequate assets, this includes headlines, descriptions, images, videos and extensions. It is vital to have different size images and videos to be applicable to all placements – especially with the rise in vertical videos (read; YouTube Shorts!)

Take it further and check the Ad Quality column – any that are flagged as ‘Poor’ are worth a review to help increase performance across your campaigns.

Have you utilised first party data? With a move to a cookieless age, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are using first party data via Customer Match. Top tip: try to integrate your CRM directly and segment audiences out so this can be automatically updated and stay fresh.

Taking it further, review your Audience Lists and Audience Signals across your campaigns. Are they using the best data that is available to you? Find out more about the move to the cookieless age: The Cookieless Future: A Full Explainer

Having a Test and Learn approach is paramount to any successful PPC account. Strong campaigns are built on a culture of testing new platforms, campaign types, ads etc. With this in mind, it’s important to stay on top of any Betas released by Google and get your Google Rep to get your accounts whitelisted for them.

Two campaign types that have stuck out to us that we have testing across our clients are Demand Gen Ads (the new advancement of Discovery) and New Customer Acquisition (a section of Performance Max that focuses on finding new customers for your business).

We always recommend having points in time to actively review your account for optimization opportunities. Paid Digital is an ever-changing landscape and continued optimal performance is seen by staying on top of your accounts and making sure they are always up to best practice.

Unsure of where to start? Drop us an email and we can help you audit your accounts hello@weareboutique.co.uk




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