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Posted In: Our people by Jenn Ferrier,
July 27, 2023


We are thrilled that we are partnering with Channel4Skills to help bring new talent from disadvantaged backgrounds who have a passion for creative content into our industry.

Diversity in all forms is a challenge for our industry that we’re patently aware of, as are Channel4 and that’s why Content Creatives was created and why we felt it was vital that we were part of it. 

Meeting some of the candidates in July was both humbling and exciting, humbling because the passion for our industry from every single young person in the room was overwelming and a stark reminder of how tough this industry is to break into, especially if you are from a disadvantaged background.  We now have a real spring in our step that we can help a few of the talented candidates to get into the industry and we know they will bring a huge amount to Boutique as well.

But why did we decide to do it in the first place? We asked Helen, our Head of People to give us the lowdown:

“Having worked in a number of different industries in my career I feel fortunate to work in such a progressive and creative space. Agencies tend to be at the forefront of positive work environment change and as an independent we are able to trail new ideas and initiatives that improve the working lives of our team quickly and without lengthy multi-layered approval processes. We’re a people business internally focussing heavily on engagement and personal development. We know staying on the forefront of new ideas and ways of working is important not just to us to for our clients, therefore allowing room for innovation, trial and error, learning and growth is essential. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of this should they want to, and that it’s crucial we can attract and develop the widest range of people possible to get the best minds, talent, experience, and creativity in the agency.

The issue around attracting a diverse range of applicants is much bigger than us as an agency, its industry wide and so when we came across Channel4Skills Content Creative team it felt like a brilliant way to join in with something wider reaching. Attending the discovery day and getting to spend time with so many creative thinkers looking to break into the industry was such a privilege.  Once the recruitment and training elements of the programme are complete we’ll be very happily welcoming three of the successful candidates to complete a 12 week placement with us at Boutique towers.  We look forward to sharing our passion for our clients and the work we do with them, which we hopefully be a step towards fulfilling careers for them in their chosen field.”

We of course will keep you updated as we progress through the scheme and can’t wait to introduce to the candidates to you all with of course our usual Q&A (and yes we will be asking them their favourite sandwich filling!).

You can read more about Content Creatives HERE.














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