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Celebrating Women on International Women’s Day 2019

Posted In: About Us by Dan Howard,
March 7, 2019


This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating our heroes. From brave nurses and cancer survivors to motorcycle racers and activists, here at Boutique we are sharing our favourite women. We hope you are inspired, and learn something new.

image: Coppafeel.org


Kristen Hallenga – Founder of CoppaFeel


Abby’s Choice:


To receive the news that you have secondary breast cancer at 23, is something I can’t bear to think about. I think it’s unbelievably inspirational how Kristin has transformed her experience, creating an organisation that aims to make young women aware and pro-active about their own health. Her attitude to her illness is inspirational, showing women living with cancer that they are more than their illness- “I can continue to live on my terms. Cancer is more of an inconvenience than anything’.  I think Kristin shows fundamentally that no matter what life throws at you, you can get through it and make the most of a bad situation. So gals (and guys) do yourself (& Kristin) a favour & coppafeel!


Learn more: coppafeel.org/our-charity/kris-story/


image: The Guardian


Jenny Tinmouth – Motorcycle Racer


Martin’s Choice:


The first and only female to have raced in the British Superbike Championship, Jenny Tinmouth has achieved many firsts for women in the sport. She’s the female lap record holder at the Isle of Man TT at 119.945mph, and holds two Guinness World Record for her achievements. She now does some stunt performing too for blockbuster films, prestigious car manufactures and for TV and Youtube.


Learn more: www.jennytinmouth.com/

image: edithcavell.org.uk


Edith Louisa Cavell – WW1 Nurse


Steve’s Choice:


I don’t have any heroes male or female, but this lady really did impress me when I learnt of her story. A British nurse in the First World War, she would tend to soldiers from both sides. She was found guilty of helping British and Allied soldiers in German-occupied Belgium by a court martial and sentenced to death. The night before her execution, she said “Patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.” I saw her statue in Trafalgar Square and then I read her story, such a courageous, humane woman and I really don’t know how when facing down her own death she had no bitterness towards the people who condemned her… amazing.


Learn more: edithcavell.org.uk/


image: Dazed & Confused


Munroe Bergdorf – Model & Trans Rights Activist


Sophie’s Choice:


She is my hero because she is an advocate for trans rights, particularly for trans POC! She challenges ideas around systematic racism, beauty standard and trans rights!


Learn more: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munroe_Bergdorf


image: JK Rowling Facebook


JK Rowling – Author


Sarah’s Choice:


For inspiring an entire generation and creating the best-selling books of all time. Harry Potter dominated my childhood, bringing friendship groups together and inspiring us to film our own feature length version of The Chamber of Secrets…! She also finished her first manuscript on a manual typewriter – that’s dedication!


Learn more: www.jkrowling.com/


image: Hello! Magazine 


Dawn French – Comedian & Author 


Alex’s Choice:


For delivery of happiness to my youth through her TV comedy – nostalgic joy! Laughter is really important to me. As an adult she’s my go to for books. They really help with perspective on life, positivity – all sprinkled with dry humour. She’s all about becoming more comfortable with herself through age. A smart lady, and  source for life advice and a bloody good chuckle!


Learn more: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dawn_French



Alice Riley – Maria’s Mum


Maria’s Choice:


My mum never complains, she would help & do anything for anyone. Sometimes I see the pain in her eyes, she has a lot of ailments, she is bad on her legs, but she still runs around after everyone. She never says no. She has arthritis in her hands, but she knits for the children’s hospital, blankets, cardigans, jumpers – you name it she will knit it – much to my son’s dismay when one baby got a LUFC knitted kit (yes shorts too)!

I have only seen her cry twice in my life, she is a strong woman, and she inspires me every day. She has made me and my siblings what we are today, with her strong family values and outlook on life, her unrelenting positive attitude. She is my hero.


image: Rolling Stone


Greta Thunberg – Climate Change Activist


Amy’s Choice:


She’s the 16-year-old girl who is leading the protests against climate change. She began refusing to go to school ahead of Sweden’s general election back in September to draw attention to climate change. Instead she spent her days handing out leaflets that declare: “I am doing this because you adults are shitting on my future”

Her lone strike then became a global movement – sparking children across the globe skipping school #FridaysForFuture – arguably because if they protested on a Saturday it wouldn’t get as much media attention!

A worldwide strike is planned for March 15th. So inspirational and such an important topic!


Learn more: www.fridaysforfuture.org/


image: officialfearnecotton.com


Fearne Cotton – TV & Radio Presenter


Steph’s Choice:


She worked hard on her career from a young age. She’s big into well-being, mental health and does a lot of work with female charities and advocates this a lot into her podcasts. She has multiple brands; make-up, children’s clothes etc, which I admire a lot.


Learn more: www.officialfearnecotton.com



Who’s your hero?



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