Lovell Homes worked with Boutique for a multichannel strategy to reach new buyers

Lovell homes have been developing new build properties for over 40 years, in locations across the UK. With an emphasis on help to buy and first-time home buyers, Lovell homes portfolio includes everything from modern city located apartments to more rural set locations.

With a continually high demand for housing, the market place for new build properties is becoming ever more competitive.

With many new build developments under construction, Lovell Homes need to ensure that interest is generated at an early stage, giving buyers an opportunity to purchase homes before their physical completion.

Development of a multichannel digital strategy was key in ensuring that we could reach a wide audience, weighting the budget against the greatest lead generating channels.

We developed highly targeted Paid Search campaigns, utilising extensions such as the lead gen forms extension as well as promoting key website features such as the first-time buyers budget calculator.

Demographic and geo targeted focused Facebook campaigns where created specifically focused property size availability. Marketing activity was hen further supported through cross channel retargeting.

With a record number of sales achieved in 2019 and a high volume of advanced sales already completed for 2020, we’re looking forward to continued success built on strong marketing foundations.

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