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A week in the life of Holly at Boutique

Posted In: About Us by Holly Turner,
January 24, 2024


Holly Turner, Channel 4 Content Creative

My name is Holly, I am 22 years old, and I am part of the Channel 4 X Sharpfutures Content Creatives Scheme. I have recently finished my master’s degree in film production and moved back to Leeds. I knew I wanted to progress into the digital sector post-graduation, with that knowledge, I found the Channel 4 scheme which felt perfect and after 3 rounds of interviews, I made it here!

Welcome to a week in my life. I find here at Boutique that despite working on the same accounts, my day shifts every week. I find change of routine and flexibility exciting as I find myself feeling creatively stifled if I stay in one place for too long, so I cannot wait to show you what I get up to this week.


I typically use Mondays as my opportunity to catch up on any messages or emails I may have missed. But also, to document any trends, news, or events I think may be useful for our team as a potential PR story that I found at the weekend. This Monday I am working on researching our client’s social media accounts to familiarise myself, as I am assisting on the organic social / influencer marketing accounts This is an opportunity I am excited to work on so this is my task for the day. I also have the weekly PR meeting which always happens at 10:15 on Monday. 


On Tuesdays, we are all in the office, I really enjoy these days as I find working in an environment with everyone else is a great experience. I am a sponge on these days since we hot desk – I find that I learn so much just from those around me! I tend to wake up at around 5AM so I can be ready to catch my 6:50AM train to Leeds. 

Every Tuesday I have a meeting with my content creative leader and attend the weekly Tuesday Teams Together talk with everyone. I really enjoy this as I feel involved and aware of team news. This particular Tuesday I was shadowing Charlie on the social media account I had been researching and learning the ins and the outs of the account. I did some posts for them and content planning and this was really fun. I found it to be a really valuable experience. I was also approached to work on a press release to work on that day for another client, so I rounded my day off working on that.


On Wednesdays, we are all in the office again. I have the same morning routine and on this particular Wednesday, working on the press release I was given the day before.


On Thursdays we are back at home working. I find this to be a great schedule as I can sleep in a little bit more and feel refreshed for the day ahead. Today I have a meeting with Charlie working on another account but this time with influencers. I enjoy this so much as this is an area as I am really interested in this specialism. I spent this Thursday learning about the client and researching and sourcing influencers for the client’s future content.


I use Fridays as my opportunities to work on everything I want to complete before the end of the week. I take time in the morning to analyse where I was on Monday and where I am now and what I need to do in the day to keep up to date with my work. This Friday I was editing my press release and working on influencer research. I end my work week with a meeting with the PR team where we debrief the week and catch up.

In my spare time I work on my personal social media channels, play games, watch anime but most importantly this weekend I am travelling to Norfolk to spend time with my partner. I am looking forward to next week which involves a client handover and taking over some responsibilities.



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