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A Review of My Time at Boutique So Far…

Posted In: About Us by Connor,
January 23, 2024


Scott Booth, Channel 4 Content Creative

When I think back to the start of my placement in November, it’s amazing to think about how far I’ve come and all the experiences and opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have during my time at Boutique.

I can’t lie, joining Boutique was pretty daunting. I had no agency experience and no idea what to expect, but over the past nine weeks my mind has been opened to the agency world, 

and I have learnt so many new things and developed so many skills.

I have been given the opportunity to learn, not by shadowing, but by being given tasks to work on which have real impact. During my seven weeks with the PR team, I was able to not only help with research tasks, but also try my hand at writing press releases and outreaching them to journalists. One of my releases was even picked up and appeared in national titles such as The Express and Tyla! 

I really enjoy working creatively in all aspects, but I wanted to develop my skills in video editing and motion graphics during my placement. I was lucky enough to get to do this by working on videos for Boutique’s own social media. I hadn’t used these skills in a professional context before and being given that opportunity and sense of trust has given me confidence in my abilities that I will take with me beyond my placement. Knowing that the work I’m doing during my placement is actually getting used is so exciting and it’s been great to build my portfolio of professional work.

Being able to try different areas of marketing during my placement has also been invaluable as it has allowed me to develop so many different skills in different areas and I have been able to better understand how different channels work and their importance in supporting client’s goals.There are simply so many other things I could mention about my placement, but to condense it, my favourite parts so far have been:

+ Getting to try different areas of marketing

+ Working with amazingly kind and passionate colleagues 

+ The ability to work on real world tasks

+ Getting my work picked up by journalists

+ Having videos I made posted on social media platforms

+ The ability to grow and develop both personally and professionally

+ Being able to build my confidence in my abilities and around working in an agency environment

And my least favourite thing about my placement is:

+ That it’s not longer!

I’ve really enjoyed my placement and even though I have quite a few weeks left, I’m not ready for it to end. I’ve come so far in a relatively short time, and I’ve been allowed to grow and develop with help from colleagues who have shared their passions for what they do. Just a few months ago, I had no idea what an agency like Boutique did, but now I’m excited by all of the opportunities the agency world has for me to discover!




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