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5 reasons why TV is not dead + Infographic

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May 29, 2018


TV viewing is more fragmented than ever before. It is hyper-reactive to the economy, whether that be good or bad. But it’s not all doom and gloom – growth in the industry is on the up. Here’s why we believe this unbeatable medium is a force to be reckoned with…


Despite a decade of disruption, TV viewing is still stable


Contrary to recent popular belief, people still watch tonnes of TV! 3 hours and 23 minutes of it in fact. Yes, this maybe a mere 15 minutes less than 10 years ago which is evidence of a slight decline but think how much has changed in the last 10 years. Considering the digital and technological disruption and introduction of VOD and subscription streaming services, TV viewing remains resilient. A huge 86% of the UK population still watch TV live, of which 81% watch on a TV set, full screen in all its glory.


It continues to have scale and reach like no other


TV is everywhere. Its immense popularity means no other advertising medium can build scale like it. It’s also by far the most popular medium across all age groups, reaching 90% of the UK population in a week. TV viewing accounts for nearly half of people’s chosen media day meaning it’s the perfect platform for unbeatable scale and reach. In 2017, two thirds of total TV viewing was on commercial channels meaning the average person watched 43 TV ads a day.


TV is vital for long-term success


The e­ffects of TV advertising accumulate over time, creating long-term eff­ectiveness with its value delivering over a much longer time frame than any other media. The largest part of an advertising budget should be invested at the top of the funnel using TV as the brand-builder to create awareness. The longevity of TV campaigns build recognition and consideration and most importantly, trust with consumers. Some of the biggest brands we know have been advertising on TV for many years and continue to maintain brand status.


It’s regarded as the prime and trusted advertising real estate


Reliable, premium content makes TV the perfect platform making brands famous household names. It creates talkability and word of mouth like no other. With over 57% of all tweets being TV-related, Twitter acts as the perfect forum as a measure of content response and general audience engagement of TV shows. TV ads are renowned for being the most talked about form of advertising and can drive word of mouth for a number of weeks after initial activity.


TV remains the best vehicle for communicating emotion


Whether they make us cry, laugh or they just get on your nerves, TV ads are the most eff­ective medium to evoke emotion. Thinkbox’s ‘TV Nation’ forum asked members which forms of advertising made them feel emotional – 58% reported TV advertising. With creative effectiveness at the heart of some of the most memorable TV ads, it shows that long-term brand success and high levels of creativity make advertising campaigns some 12 times more efficient at increasing a brand’s market share.


While the customer journey is becoming ever increasingly complex over the years and marketing is becoming more omnichannel, TV is still king in terms of reaching and influencing audiences effectively.


Download our “TV is Not Dead” infographic here.



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