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5 Key Characteristics to Demonstrate in an Interview

Posted In: Hidden by Dan Howard,
February 3, 2017


A bold title I know but this obsession with click bait has got the better of me. I should reword it to ‘5 key characteristics that will get you a job at Boutique’ but that might not be so broadly appealing!


That’s what this is though; the 5 key things I look for when interviewing. If you’re coming for an interview with us, the level of research you’ve undertaken will be evidenced by whether you focus on these elements. I’ll know if you read my blog. I hope you have!


Having employed 30 people (I know, it’s not a lot) and undertaken over 100 interviews (again, I know I’m not setting any records) I’ve kept details of every one of them and I’ve found there are 5 key areas I assess.


A recent Linkedin report highlighted the most overused marketing buzzwords in a profile. The list shouldn’t surprise anyone. In truth, most have their place. We’re marketeers. If we can’t communicate more effectively than most then we’ve something to worry about.


So, here’s my list of key characteristics I look for, and why.



We just don’t like staid. It’s OK to know your noodles but I’d much rather you had a burning desire to know more, share your knowledge and impact on a business. We can teach people how to build PPC campaigns, assess TV responses or negotiate a link, but I can’t give you the passion for doing it.

Further, a general passion for life is always going to make you a fun person to work with. Nobody likes a bore. Well, they do, but not us. A natural zeal will also mean you’re always learning.



We collaborate constantly. With media owners, fellow employees, agency partners and of course clients. I’m always looking for how people have worked with others to the benefit of the eventual outcome. It shows personnel skills, empathy, goal orientation and a desire for collective responsibility. Collaboration also means sharing what you discover and that makes everyone around you better as well.



We’re KPI focused. Outcome motivated. Driven by results. We love data, stats, facts. We’re obsessed with knowing that we did what we said we would. It’s critical individuals can demonstrate that same level of obsession. The buzzword most would use is ‘results focused’ but can you prove it and did the pursuit make you lose sleep at night? I do hope so!



Modern business means working life can be tough. We have high demands from clients, high demands of ourselves and our colleagues. We’re ruthless in our pursuit of world class performance and it takes a level of resilience to retain that high standard. Further, resilience also means the ability to get back on track when we divert. We try new things, challenge the norm and create realignments to ever-evolving goals. It takes a resilient character.


Live a little

Beauty blogging, home brewing, VW Beetles and Comic Con participation. All things that employees of Boutique have a passion for outside of office hours. It makes for rounded and healthy individuals. It’s testament to an engaged mind to have external activity that is motivating, exciting and brings to life a range of knowledge and skills. The worst interview answer is when people are asked what they do to enjoy life. The inevitable ‘go to the cinema’ or ‘socialising’ just kills me a little inside. Everybody’s interesting in their own way. The weird is often the most wonderful.




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