Vulfpeck band

Vulfpeck band

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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 19th May 2020

This may be back from 2014 but we aint going to let age stop us sharing the really cool shit.

So a really good funk band called Vulfpeck once had the idea a few years ago that they were going to “beat” Spotify. They tried taking a shot at the music streaming giant by putting up an album of silent tracks to their artist channel, which they asked their fans to stream constantly.

They ended up making over $20,000 in streaming fees and were even able to schedule a free tour because of the silent album’s success. If you think they stopped there, they recently proved that you necesiruly need a huge management team behind you after selling out Madison Square Garden without a band manager, label or any promoters. Find out more about how they did it here.

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