Rapanui Clothing

Rapanui Clothing

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Posted In: by weareboutique, 8th March 2020

At the age of 5, founder Mart was concerned about where his rubbish ended up. A couple of years later he used the family shed to solve some of the worlds waste problems. Now a grown man he continues on his mission and Rapanui is his contribution.

This clothing brand uses natural materials and renewable energy to make the clothing and use a circular system for old, worn-out clothes to be returned, renewed and resold.
With 3 in 5 t-shirts bought this year ending in landfill, it’s quite a big deal and Rapanui are doing something about it.

As the business has developed they’ve partnered with some recognisable brands including the BBC and the momentum behind the brand keeps growing.

We hope we’ve done our little bit to add to that growing fame. You can read more about it here.

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