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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 20th July 2021

Ok so this is a clothing brand we stumbled across recently and it’s incredible. (Not to mention it’s Pharrell Williams‘ favourite brand.

At it’s core, Pangaia, is a materials science company on a mission to save the planet. They are a global collective of scientists, technologists and designers who create essential yet absolutely banging products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials.

Pangaia fabrics are made from bio-based, recycled fibres and “advanced proprietary materials”. And when it comes to the colouring, they use natural botanical dyes made from natural sources such as plants. As well as that – they’ve gone and really changed the game with their “innovative antibacterial peppermint” to stay fresh for longer.

Everything is sustainable. The packaging, all trims, labels and threads are either recycled or responsibly sourced. Don’t let the price scare you, it’s not easy creating a 100% sustainable eco conscious piece of clothing, it’s the people that take the first step towards making a different that make it easier for everyone to get onboard. ) 

PANGAIA meaning and inspiration

pan | pæn — gaia | gīə
Pan: all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion
Gaia: Mother Earth

You can check out Pangaia here

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