Nike Presents “Goddess Awakened” With Parris Goebel

Nike Presents “Goddess Awakened” With Parris Goebel

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Posted In: by Jenn Ferrier, 31st July 2023

On July 5, 2023, Nike demonstrated the transformative power of merging action and advocacy in Paris. The event, titled “Goddess Awakened,” was a collaboration with Parris Goebel, a celebrated choreographer, dancer, artist, athlete, and Nike partner. It was an experience that highlighted the collective strength of women, expressed through their unique styles, movements, and self-expressions.

“Goddess Awakened” signifies the forthcoming phase of Nike Women, where the brand functions as a platform for female creativity and self-expression, celebrating and empowering women within a communal context,” states Liz Weldon, VP of Global Nike Women’s Brand Management. She further stresses that the company recognizes the importance of making women feel visible and included as one of the key ways to support them.

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