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Posted by Jonny Wright,
March 18, 2021


HMN24 is something pretty special. Founded by 2 pioneers in their respective fields, Jason Rickaby and Phil Learney came together earlier this year to create HMN24. They first crossed paths over a public discussion forum and discovered they shared a passion for nutrition, exercise and the pursuit of knowledge in that field. After meeting, they instantly became great friends, setting out on their own individual career paths within the health and fitness sector.

Jason in 2005, co-founded and bootstrapped the now globally renowned brand, PhD Nutrition, as CEO guiding and growing the business through two major acquisitions, before finally exiting the business in 2019 with a valuation of £32 Million. In that time Phil positioned himself as one of the worlds leading personal trainers. In 2015, he founded the Advanced Coaching Academy, a global education platform for the health and fitness industry. They were always looking for that opportunity to collaborate and then the found chance to create HMN24.

Rather than let us murder what they stand for, take a look at their website. Here’s a snippet to explain further.

“Over the last decade, there has been a cultural shift in what it means to be a high performer. It used to be determined by the physical prowess and ability of an individual, or by their intellect and critical thinking skills, but it was rarely presumed they could possess both.

We created this belief that physical ability and open-minded intelligence were fixed abilities and our capacity for them was predetermined and they couldn’t co-exist.

Yet we are performing every hour of every day and that performance is driven by critical thought. How we sleep, how we move and exercise, create ideas, set examples, work with and lead others. How we treat people and interact with the world, in public and in private are all part of our performance and all require discipline, intent and action. Performance is perpetual and we seek progress in each area. To seek this progress is to fuel our human potential and that is to Live On Form.”




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