Grenade Podcast

Grenade Podcast

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Posted In: by weareboutique, 24th February 2020

Nothing is quite as powerful as a wonderful anecdotal story.
Alan and Juliet Barratt took £27 and turned it into £72m in 10 years.
They did it by launching and growing Grenade in a highly competitive (though fast growth) market by being disruptive and daring.
Their first product was a weight loss formula with ‘explosive’ results and the name Grenade was born.

A truly entrepreneurial business, the founder, Alan, makes a habit of doing whatever he likes and that has meant a brand that stands our for disrupting. Infamous in the PR world was when they took a tank through the streets of London.
At the core is a smart business strategy reliant on exceptional product but marketed with the confidence that they allows such a daring approach.
Now owned by private equity, the signs are that this business has no plans to change. Only this month they broke the world record for the biggest protein bar and sales are set to continue to explode (soz) further under the retained leadership team.

Check out the Grenade podcast here.

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