Eat Less Plastic

Eat Less Plastic

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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 1st August 2020

This is going to sound wild, but did you know we eat approximately a credit card-sized amount of plastic EVERY WEEK.

To help spread awareness of Plastic Free July, London and Lisbon based studio, How&How, focused one on horrific problem that many people aren’t even aware of. There are many issues humanity faces surrounding the climate crisis, and eating plastic is definitely one of them.

Studio creative director Cat How stated “The plastic washing up on our beaches is a very real and obvious threat. But there’s an awful hidden danger we barely notice – the degraded plastic particles we’re all ingesting through water, which have infiltrated the system. And we’re ingesting these at an alarming scale: a credit card-sized amount of them, per person each week”. Yikes.

So the studio created artwork to drive home the real crisis that we’re facing without really knowing. You can read more about the project here, take a look at the artwork below.

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