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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 18th May 2021

Amplifier and speaker specialists, Bose, have unveiled their brand new product, SoundControl, its first-ever hearing aids. Oh, and you can buy them over the counter.

As well as being a first for Bose, the SoundControl hearing aids are also an industry first. Not only do the SoundControl wearables feature audio  tech similar to that used in standard Bose earphones, but they’re also the first FDA-approved hearing aids you can buy over the counter. That means you don’t need a prescription, or an appointment with a doctor, an audiologist, or even a hearing test – you just buy them as you would a pair of wireless headphones. Which is incredible for those hard of hearing.

They’re aimed at people with mild to moderate hearing loss, with audio calibration being one of their standout features. Using the Bose Hear mobile app, you can tweak the volume levels, tone, treble, and bass so they sound right to your ears. You can learn more about them here.

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