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Posted In: by Ben Jones, 16th April 2021

We love art and we love anything techy so this was right up our street.

Famous digital artist, BEEPLE, sold his incredible collage artwork at auction becoming the most expensive digital image ever, fetching over $69 million at auction. Yep. 

The JPEG artwork, titled Everydays: The First 5000 Days, was listed by Christie’s Auction house on February 25 for a measly $100, becoming the first purely digital artwork (backed by a non-fungible token – cryptocurrency jargon) to be put under the hammer by a major auction house. An NFT is a blockchain-based certificate of authenticity that can be assigned to virtual artworks to verify their origin and ownership.

The artwork shot up to $69,346,250 on the final day with over 22 million people tuning in to follow the final minutes of the auction. Pretty wild. You can read more on Dazeen here.

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