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2024 Garden Trends You Need to Know About

Posted In: HOME by Connor,
January 2, 2024


We published in our Summer edition of our Home Report (just one of the things we do as a specialist property and home marketing agency) an update on the garden ‘trend’ sharing that 49% of people were prioritising their garden over other areas of their home for improvement. As we head into 2024 we share what trends we expect to see in the outdoor living space that is fast becoming a favoured space in the home.

Gardens are a place of peace, tranquillity and relaxation. An ever changing scene as the seasons go by, it is no surprise that each year gardens are becoming the focal point for trendsetting. In this blog, our property marketing agency explores some of the hotly tipped trends for the garden in 2024.

Invest in a ‘Natural’ home extension

Homeowners are looking into expanding their home but not in the way you would expect. Instead of adding a room to the house, they are exploring ways to take the inside, outside. 

An outdoor dining area, a cosy place by a fire pit, a functional cooking space or an outdoor living room space is appealing to consumers in 2024. If there is a way to take any area of the house outside, they are exploring those opportunities. 

Eurocell is a great source of inspiration on what an outdoor dining experience could look like with a pergola or veranda

The ‘natural’ home extension goes beyond just furniture but also further embellishments such as cushions, rugs, blankets and more.  

Optimising multi-functional spaces.

A hotly tipped trend coming into 2024, is about catering to the fluid lifestyles consumers are living.  This trend is centred around versatile spaces and furniture. 

Homeowners are looking to take a portion of their garden and easily transform it into a yoga spot, a dining space and in the evening – a place to cosy up with friends and family. 

A recommended way to take advantage of this trend is mobile furniture and modular garden sets that can be rearranged, stored away and suits any occasion. Idealo.co.uk is a great website which has a whole host of garden furniture which can be adapted to suit any need!

The comeback of ‘Cottage’ inspired gardens. 

A trend that most will recognise is a cottage inspired outdoor space. This familiar look showcases meadow-like flora, edimentals dotted around and spotlights pollinators.  A study by Axiom revealed, 71.2% of Gen Z and 76.2% of Gen Y respondents plan to plant more and expand their gardens in 2024, so this trend is a great way to utilise what consumers are planning for the year ahead.

A quintessential feature of cottage inspired gardens is the use of different plots of themes throughout the garden, usually as a way to transition from one area to the other. This can be done through a variety of means such as  stone patios, paths, trellis, walls and more!

Health and Wellness as the focus.

Gardening is a known tool to be an outlet of de-stressing, but one of the 2024 trends is externalising that feeling, and investing into the garden space as an area to nourish one’s mental health. 

This includes areas to relax in natural light, to meditate and to indulge in the spa-like feeling. Or on the other hand it could be  a private and secluded seating area to escape for a little while, whilst staying in at home. 


Despite the budgetary concerns consumers are feeling right now, the garden is still a priority. 

As predicted the trends are focusing around health and wellness, multi-functionality in the garden and how to utilise the garden to fit those! 

This gaves way for brands to provide inspiration ideas to consumers who continue to invest time, effort and money into their gardens. 



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