Did somebody say?

The famous Just Eat advert has been rejuvenated, enrolling Katy Perry to replace Snoop Dog. The popular backing track has been developed into an upbeat version of ‘Did Somebody Say’ and is sang by Katy Perry herself. The ad itself is centred around Katy as the new cover girl for the brand, and it is the first global campaign since Just Eat and Takeaway.com merged in 2020. All media channels such as TV, radio and digital out of home will run the advert.


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Delay on TV advertisement ban

There has been a delay on the governments ban for TV advertisements shown before 9pm to avoid including food and drinks which are excessive in fats, sugar and salt. The implementation date was originally set for January 2023, but this has not been pushed back to January 2024. However, rules banning multi-buy offers and prominent displays of unhealthy meals will be introduced this October after being held up for 12 months.

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ITV X Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week took place this month, with ITV getting involved and launching a campaign of their own. This campaign encouraged people to send voice notes rather than text messages, with the idea that this will get more people talking to tackle the theme of loneliness. Stickers also flooded London, being placed on beer mats, bus stops and inside coffee shops, letting the public scan a barcode which led them to a voice note which they could listen to.

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Adidas banned by ASA

An advert presented by Adidas has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority on the basis of ‘explicit nudity’. They launched a campaign to advertise their new and inclusive sports bras, however this was not received well by the ASA and resulted in a ban of the poster ads. One ad featured a gallery of pictures covering a range of skins colours, shapes and sizes, whilst the other ad featured similar images with the breasts obscured by pixels. Other brands such as Lounge have been supportive of Adidas and many people disagree with the ban as society should embrace inclusivity.

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Eye tracking technology

Finally, members of the Boutique team have been catching up with a number of media owners, learning about new developments and growth within their company. There have been trials completed by Mail Metro Media to consider ‘eye-tracking’ technology, allowing clients to see how many users have looked directly at their advertisement and how different types of adverts increase the brand recall.

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