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Married at First Sight & Colgate

Channels 4’s Married at First Sight has landed a new sponsorship deal with Colgate. This deal will mark the biggest and most integrated partnership of the show to date, including linear, digital, and social advertisement. Colgate’s Max White Ultra Range will take centre spotlight during the campaign, and the ad will air on E4, All4 and the spin-off MAFS: Afterparty. The creatives will feature close-ups of dazzling teeth from scenes included in the show, such as on the wedding day and commitment ceremony, to celebrate smiles all round.

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Cazoo Slash Brand Marketing Spend

Cazoo are reversing their marketing spend, focusing on performance advertisement rather than brand advertisement. In 2021, brand activity marketing accounted for two thirds of their marketing spend, something which they want to change for 2023. Their overall spend has also increased from £29m to £45m in 2022, however this spend is still weighted more towards brand activity. Alongside this, they hope to increase their market share towards 5% and more in the coming years.

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Just Eat £100m Marketing Spend Profitability

Just Eat have increased their market spend again. During the first 6 months of 2022, their advertising spend has increase by 40%. In the first half of 2021, the companies total spend was around £247m, compared to a huge £414m in 2022. There are a couple of factors which have influenced this increase, for example their sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League and Women’s Euros, alongside the lunch of their new campaign starring Katy Perry. The CEO, Jitse Groen, stated that the increase in spend came as a surprise and wasn’t planned to increase so drastically at the beginning of 2022

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Boutique Learning

Over the past month, the media team has been engrossed in hours of training. An investment in a new media platform to help with processes such as planning, managing bookings and reporting, has left the media team feeling excited. There has been a number of training sessions to understand the platform and it brings high hopes to create a more fluent way of working and therefore increase productivity. Everyone is ecstatic for the implementation of this over the coming weeks.



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