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Google releases product review algorithm update

Google announced that on the 27th of July that it would be rolling out an update to its ranking algorithm for product review content, releasing over the next 2-3 weeks. This is the first update to the product review algorithm since March 2021. 

The update has been released to grant greater reward and ranking positions for product review content that shows in depth consideration and testing of the products – which makes for a good opportunity to produce longform review content to capitalise on the new ranking criteria.

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Google Clarifies Title Tag Guidance


We know Google don’t often give clear guidance on meta data. However they recently clarified a misconception with title tags by changing the guidance they give.

The new guidance states: “Make it clear which text is the main title for the page. It can be confusing if multiple headings carry the same visual weight and prominence. Consider ensuring that your main title is distinctive from other text on a page and stands out as being the most prominent on the page (for example, using a larger font, putting the title text in the first visible <h1> element on the page, etc).

The issue with the old guidance was the use of the word “headline”, which led to keyword stuffing and inaccurate heading tags. Now it’s confirmed the best practice is to make the title visually standout and ideally use it as the first visible h1 on the page.


Google again delays third-party cookie deprecation

Google has once again delayed it’s self imposed timeline of removing third-party cookies in Chrome from 2023 to the latter half of 2024. This is mainly due to them having issues with people adopting their Privacy Sandbox.

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How To Set Up Performance Max Campaigns The Right Way

With Performance Max campaigns predicted to take over from Shopping Ads it’s vital to ensure you have them set up the right way. Here’s a quick guide to make sure that you are doing it right.

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